5 Key Tips for Choosing Right Security Door for Your Home

The need for security door 

The more luxurious your life style is, the more threat there is. The crime rate in Australia is no close to declining and so, there is a dire need for you to take necessary action. This calls for the installation of a security door that basically guards the entrance of your home, or in some cases, exit to the backyard. Having a security door in Melbourne is a must. With a normal door, your home is at the mercy of the thieves who can barge in anytime they feel like. With a high-strength door guarding your home, this is not possible. You and your family is safe inside the house from any attempt of theft or robbery. Even if you’re not in the home, Melbourne security doors make sure your home is perfectly safe and secure from any act of burglary.  

Factors to Consider 

The significance of a security door must be clear by now, but contrary to the general perception, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind before you install one at the entrance. It is not advisable that you directly go to the store in Melbourne and pick any door you find. You should do your homework and go get the door that is best suited for you. There are some factors that will help you choose the right door. These factors will make the best out of your investment through consideration of little details. Take note of these points to help yourself get the best security door for your home.  

Do Not Go For Hollow Doors 

The hollow doors are easy to break through so do not go for these doors when you’re looking for a high-strength door that guards your entrance. The hollow doors are suitable for indoor applications, but when you’re selecting the doors for your entrance, this isn’t a reliable option.  

Choose the Right Material 

This is the most crucial decision that you need to make. You will find a variety of options in the security doors. The features of these materials will vary so you will have to check, which one meets your needs the best. You can get the door in wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum or any other material. All these materials will have certain strengths and weakness such as, the steel door offers commendable strength for your entrance, but at the same time, it does not look good at the entrance of a home. On the other hand, an aluminum door compromises a little on the strength, but it significantly adds to the overall look of the home. These doors offer a sleek, elegant style for your entrance. Similarly, other materials have their strengths and weaknesses so you need to be clear about your needs and priorities and then choose the right material for the door.  


Locks are the backbone of a security door. It is advisable that you go for class 4 safety locks that ensures the safety of your home from any thief. Class 4 locks can withstand blows of hammers or screwdrivers so you can have a sound sleep while the door protects your home. You can also install double cylinder lock, which requires a key to open, both from inside and outside. Whatever option you choose, remember that the selection of the lock system is very critical in determining the overall effectiveness of the security door.  


Adding a peephole or a small window for you to check who is outside before you open the door, is also very important. Security doors are well-insulated and they are most likely to block out most of the noise so you cannot rely on the voice. Therefore, install a peephole or a small window that does not compromise the strength of the door while allows you to look who is outside. 


Lastly, consider the budget. This is something most users tend to overlook and end up wasting a lot of time sorting through the doors and material they could not afford at the first place. This is because the applications of security doors vary and a door for commercial building offers different characteristics than a door for residential building. Similarly, the prices of these doors vary so do your homework and see which door suits your needs. Do not simply go for the best one available. It is not wise to pay for the features you don’t really need.  

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