5 Ways To Avoid Video Marketing Mistakes

It has aptly been said that to err is human. Since video marketing is created, developed and executed by human beings, certain mistakes are likely to creep in the process of video marketing. Traditional marketing such as radio, TV, print media ads is usually tailor-made. But the area covered is limited and the outcome is not sufficient enough to compete in the present day scenario of globalization and the consequent international marketing. Because of the worldwide presence of the internet, video marketing plays an important role in the international marketing.

Video marketing is no more an expensive affair because of the advancement brought about for sophistication and innovation in the video production. Anyone can be a video marketer by using YouTube, which covers 87% of online marketers. But, lest you don’t make any mistakes, here are a few video marketing mistakes to be wary of.

  1. Bombarding your customers with lengthy videos

In order to make the first impression to last longer, many companies tend to feed their customers with too many information for which they do not have the appetite nor the time to swallow in. Therefore, leave something for the customers to satiate their curiosity and imagination. Make an environment of emotional attachment that will inspire them and make them want more. Instead of creating one five-minute video, go in for one two-minute video and six 30 second segments.

  1. Poor title and disharmonized content

Contents are kings and titles are their crowns. You should use appealing and eye-catching titles in order to maximize your SEO and harness your views. Video marketing is not just presenting images to your customers. It is one of the external stimuli that make them take buying decision. The images need to be harmonized with the best of voice, tone, texts and contents. The video marketing should be a balanced combination of tone, voice, content and the sectional use of the screen.

  1. No use of all platforms

Don’t adopt YouTube as your only means of video marketing. Besides maximizing your reach, do it for your SEO too. For that, publish your videos on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. There are some who visit the social media only and not the YouTube. By wider publication of your video, your viewership will increase substantially.

  1. Focus on products; not people

Instead of listing the facts about your products, tell more stories about the benefits, people have derived by using your products. A well-narrated story will make people ask for more information.

  1. Non-localization of your online presence

Facebook and Twitter have global audiences. Although majorly used, English is used by people, covering only a quarter of total usage. Moreover, audiences, accessing foreign language websites, put more importance and trust to websites presented in their own native languages. Here, the loyalty factor works as well. Therefore, you need to localise your website and presence of social media. That way, you can reach to a larger area of the international market. But take care to see that the translation is done by native translators whose text will take care of the local culture and test. If you’d like to get some marketing quotes for your next video production, check out the marketing quotes website for more information.

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