Benefits Of Investing In A Small Business Mobile App

Mobile apps bring in great returns for many companies. Some companies, like Uber, are built entirely around popular software applications. Small businesses, too, can greatly benefit from many perks having a mobile application offers. Here is a list of some of those perks:

Get a Step Ahead of the Competition

One of the biggest reasons many companies rush to put money into app development is to gain an advantage over the competition. If your business has an application, but the competition doesn’t, there’s an obvious advantage your business can benefit from. Market data shows that more and more people are relying on handheld devices to shop online. These mobile shoppers are out there without a brand to become loyal to. If your business is the first to build an app, then there’s a great advantage here to attract loyal customers using smartphones. Even if your company isn’t the first, offering a better product is a great way to attract loyal customers from a new market.

Increased Customer Engagement

Having an application naturally increases customer engagement with a business. On one hand, an application offers customers a readily accessible communication channel to your business. The ease of use with applications makes customers more likely to engage with your business. Customers would rather text than call, after all. Your business can revive or dramatically improve customer engagement levels by having a mobile application.

Better Way to Offer Customer Support

Apps for mobile businesses now offer in-app customer support. Customers can call, text, chat or email to get in touch with your business. This reduces the occurrence of customer complaints and negative reviews online. More importantly, readily available in-app customer support can influence pre-purchase behaviour. A customer interested in a product can quickly get in touch with your business to clear up questions or doubts about the product. Thus, higher conversions from browsing habits are more likely.

Take Marketing Directly to Customers

Mobile applications are one of the most powerful direct marketing channels currently available to business. People have their phones in their hands most times during the day. This means businesses can practically get in touch with customers at almost any time during the day. Your company can determine “peak hours” that drive buying habits. Carefully sending a marketing message via the app may nudge the customer into making a purchase. If your business has a mobile application, the opportunity to market directly to customers is almost endless.

Digitize Customer Loyalty Programs

Mobile apps are a great way to digitize a customer loyalty program. Those who download your app are very likely to be loyal customers already. So the app can offer these customers ways to collect rewards or bonus points easily without the hassle of a manual loyalty program. If rewards are awarded, customers will be more inclined to shop via the app, mainly due to how easy it is to do.

Offer a Better Customer Experience

An app can offer a better experience to loyal customers than a responsive website. Customers can benefit from an increased number of features, speedy services and ease of use with a mobile application. While responsive sites are important, they cannot offer the same features as an app. Too many components on a website may slow it down, which will hurt your mobile search result rankings.

The above are only a handful of reasons how your small business can benefit from a mobile app.

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