Choose The Right Gift This Valentine’s Day For Your Better Half!

With Valentine’s day being just around the corner, everybody has been struggling to get the best gift for their better halves. Obviously, every year, it is just another exercise, where you hit the market and try to find out what’s best for your wife or girlfriend and what would surprise them this time. Same goes for the ladies searching for the gifts. Don’t worry, it is about time you stop worrying so much and get your creative hats on. Well, we will help you with that obviously. Finding the right gift starts with acknowledging the fact that your partner might be super excited for the day and you might not be. If that’s the case, hold your horses, because you just might destroy the day. Trust us, when we say, don’t end up in the doghouse and start your valentine vigil way in advance. 

Starting off, realize that Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday. What we mean here is that you might want to do enough so that you earn the love and respect, but you don’t want to go overboard, because you might scare your potential partner. Hence, tread along the line very carefully and before beginning the planning, keep all your points at bay. Now, you need to understand your partner’s choice and preferences. If he or she is the sort of person who would be happy with the flowers and chocolates you picked along the way, do that. If you know they are expecting something more lavish like a candlelight dinner or an intricate necklace in a white jewelry box, you must do that. The purpose behind explaining this was that you need to understand the level of your relationship and your expectation with your partner before you proceed with the arrangements. However, gifts and cards can always be a part of your Valentine’s Day. If you two have gone out a few times and are humorous and more like best friends, find something playful and sarcastic. On the other hand, if you have been dating for a while and are sentimental about your relationship, a handwritten card or a special card will do the deed for you. 

Now that we are at it, for all the boys out there, you will be facing a very tough challenge. No matter what you gift, most of the women will compare their gift to that of their friends. This means you need to step up, because if her best friend got something better and grand, she might get upset for not getting something of the similar stature. However, we always recommend not going overboard with fancy stuff and considering the sentiments attached. The girls will definitely have a discussion over lunch, who got what and how. So, you just need to plan accordingly, so that your girlfriend has something to brag about. It’s plain and simple, you need to be that guy, because there are only a few girls who would let this incident go otherwise. You can set up an elaborate dinner at home or do some sort of treasure hunt with romantic clues at home, if you don’t have the time or money to opt for something super fancy. Keep the romance and excitement alive, so your girl gets the ‘Ohhhhs and ahhhhs’ from her girlfriends and you stay in the safe zone. It is all about clever timing and planning. A little warning here! Keeping the spirit romantic, most of the guys go ahead and gift their girls a super-sexy lingerie. If you are thinking to do it, imagine a big bell chiming overhead. You need to understand what stage you are at, if you are giving your girlfriend the gift that is sexual in nature. Otherwise, you might end up giving a wrong signal. 

Lastly, most of the times men end up buying gifts they like, or they think would suit their beau. That’s wrong. It is valentine’s day; hence the gift should be something she likes and not you. Don’t commit this crime of buying something that is your fantasy and not hers. Even if you do commit this crime, be humble about it and apologize to her. Tell her that you aren’t good at choosing gifts, thus the blunder. You can tell her that you both can go and pick something together she likes. Remember that Valentine’s Day and the sentiments attached are all about celebrating togetherness and love. So, don’t destroy the day for one another for the sake of gifts. 

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