A Piece Of History Brought Home.

When the world was still new, and the earlier humans still had much left to learn, transport was one field that expanded exponentially. With certain areas being cut off by waterways, the earlier humans soon learned to build boats and eventually, ships. The initial crass boats, made with just animal skin sails and planks of wood soon evolved into much more complex structures over the years. Indeed, the migration of people to the continent of Australia could not have been accomplished without sea travel.

Along with a similar train of thought, Christopher Columbus’s experimental voyages to discover routes to Asia led to the accidental discoveries of the Americas. Indeed, the first crude outline of the world map has been made with these discoveries made by ship and many others. Many of the world’s wars have been fought by ship too and thus it can safely be said that the usage of ships and other water vessels is a huge part of our world’s history. Just reading about these travels can make the explorer inside us fantasise about travelling the great blue seas, armed with only a compass and a map, out to discover the world. However, while all the discovering has already been done by those before us, what we can do is revel in those historical accomplishments by keeping the history of those vessels and the explorers alive.  

Ship hobbyists and history buffs alike can revel in the rich history of water transport, with its wars, explorations and famous explorers, and of course the magnificent ships by bringing home a model ship today. Building ship models is an art form as old as the very discovery of ships itself, so there is an additional historical bonus right there. With initial workmanship being as crude as the initial ships themselves, the progression of time has seen the models, alongside the ships they aim to replicate, grow increasingly intricate, finessed and absolutely breathtaking. A ship model of one of the earliest ships to set foot on the Australian continent is of the Duyfken, a Dutch vessel launched in 1595. Its commander is widely acclaimed to be the first European landing on Australian Territory. A company which can offer you a beautifully crafted model of the Duyfken, alongside many other ships, is Wilhelm’s and Green, a renowned supplier of model ships Australia. 

Having a ship model such as the Duyfken, can be a treat for not only hobbyists and history enthusiasts, but also for the average Australian wishing to preserve his or her maritime history. The ships, made painstakingly, are exact scale models of the actual ships and thus you can have a small reminder of history right in the centre of your homes and offices. Such a model can be much more awe-inspiring than any book about any voyage, for the ship model will stand in all its splendour and beauty and leave onlookers imagining what it would be like to be travelling aboard it, all those years ago. With models of exploratory vessels and warships alike being available at Wilhelm’s and Green, you can take your pick of model ships Australia. So, a ship model can not only be the perfect addition to your homes or offices, but also the absolute perfect gift for the ship enthusiast or history buffs in your life. No other gift can be as breathtaking and yet so steeped in history as a model ship.

As to the workmanship of ship models, you there’s not an ounce that you need to worry about. The ships are made by hand and are individually crafted, with each ship taking around 4-6 weeks to complete. These model ships Australia are made with the finest teak, mahogany, and beech to ensure the ultimate splendour and resilience of the model ship. You can rest assured that these ships will remain the most breathtaking centrepiece of your home for ages to come.

We’re sure by now you’re dying to not only learn more about the great history of the seas but also to bring home your very own model ship. At Wilhelm’s and Green you can find a vast array of model ships you can pick from. Customer testimonials ensure that your money is being spent in the right place. Contact them to bring home a vital piece of history today.

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