Getting A Customised Wedding Ring 

Tips for buying customised wedding ring 

When it comes to wedding, it is an utmost necessity that everything be perfect and just as desired. While this may be applicable for wedding dress or even the decoration of the wedding hall, the wedding ring seems to be a compromise. This is because, unlike the wedding dress, the wedding ring needs to be picked from a set of designs and you would need to ‘adjust’ your needs for the ring. That’s not true for a customised ring which is usually a rare option. But, if you’re someone who does not like compromising and wants exactly what is desired then this option is just for you. However, you need to be mindful of a set of things when opting for this option.  

Choose the jeweller wisely 

Often the service of customised jewellery is offered by many jewellers who don’t have experience in this department. Customised jewellery isn’t like the common jewellery. It needs perfection to details which is only possible if you’re dealing with experienced jeweller so make sure you check the reviews and other factual records of their dealings with customers.  

Don’t wait too much 

Getting a wedding ring custom made isn’t a weekend task. It will take a lot of research and planning to get you your desired design on the ring so start looking for the right jeweller early because it’s going to take some time to find the jeweller that can deliver the ring you want.

Mention the details 

Getting a customised engagement ring isn’t just about customised design. It’s much more than that. You need to define the edges and its finishing and much more. Make sure you discuss all that with your jeweller to get a ring that not only looks great, but also feels great. This means it should be comfortable enough for you to be able to wear it all the time. 

Pros of getting a customised wedding ring  

While it may seem a hectic task to get a wedding rings custom made, there are few advantages attached to it that you can’t get from a regular engagement ring.  

It will be a reflection of your personality. Since you’ll be designing the ring to its very details, it will be defining your choices, unlike a regular pick that will only be a fancy ring. Customised ring will reflect your values and taste. 

Being a customised ring, it will be unique piece. You won’t have to care about stumbling upon someone wearing the same ring.  

You can reflect any symbol of your bond with your partner or any other meaningful emblem on the ring through a creative and unique approach.  

Unlike in the case of regular rings where you have to settle for the design available, customised ring gives you exactly what you dreamt of. 

A unique ring will be a hot topic on your wedding day.   

The complete process 

Getting a customised ring follows a series of complex steps that eventually get you your ring. Starting with the design, the designer, after a number of revisions, gives you the final picture of the ring that will be manufactured. Once this is cleared, the ring goes to the manufacturing stage where it is fabricated through heavy machinery or intensive labor. Once the ring is manufactured, it is cleaned for checked for any marks due to cutting or any other process of manufacture. After this, if you have asked for any gemstone in the ring, it is carefully set in the ring. This part is done manually with utmost care and precision. Once the gemstone is set in the ring, your ring is ready for polishing before it can be delivered to you for final check.  

How much time can it take? 

As mentioned before, getting a custom wedding ring isn’t as simple as picking a ring you like from the jeweler. It requires a thorough research on different styles and designs. You need to recollect any features you like in some other rings that you want in your ring. Also, the jeweler needs some extra time to get your desired ring manufactured. Not all jewelers offer this service due to the complexity and the sensitivity of this option as a single mistake can ruin your whole ring. Therefore, it is advisable that you start searching for the right jeweler months before the big day in order to give the jeweller plenty of time.

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