Cool Gadgets For Hip And Modern Homes

Remote controlled garage doors, pet monitoring systems and motion-sensors are steadily becoming common parts of modern households. Widespread use and affordable pricings on such gadgets can turn even the most average homeowners into Tony Starks. Various gizmos that are finding their way into our homes are getting quirkier each year. Here’s a roundup of the latest mind-boggling gadgets you too can add to your humble abode:

Night vision surveillance

Most run-of-the-mill security cameras installed at home are pretty useless at night. Lack of light yields awfully grainy, low resolution images that are hard to see. Security experts for the longest time used to insist on using safety lighting that CCTV cameras could use, like the flash in the regular ones, to capture images at night. This method has, in fact, created more problems rather than presenting a viable solution. Installing lighting for CCTV cameras cost a fortune, and they can actually compromise safety by inadvertently hinting where the surveillance devices are located. Homeowners can avoid all this trouble by buying state-of-the-art night vision CCTV cameras that provide high-quality visuals day and night. Those who are willing to spend more can choose CCTV tech with thermal imaging as well.

Transparent television sets

Televisions with opaque screens are so 2014. The latest TV sets come with swanky see-through screens that look good when the TV is off as well as on. A transparent TV screen looks like a well-polished glass rectangle carefully mounted on a stand. Don’t worry; the transparency goes away when the TV is on. These “invisible” screens are said to have surprisingly high-definition displays like a regular HD screen. You can indeed watch your favourite shows without having to worry about the vase behind the TV making a cameo. Transparent TVs, even when they are off, are a sleek addition to a modern living room.

Self-cleaning floors

This may sound like a dream come true—floors that can clean themselves. A handful of companies now offer so-called smart floors that can break down airborne contaminants and vacuum itself so dust or dirt never settle down. Smart flooring is available in wood, synthetic or renewable material. They are quite visually appealing, too. All that might sound too good to be true. Know that smart floors are still in their rudimentary testing stages. They can be expensive, but why not give smart floors a try if they can be hygienic without constant scrubbing?

Floating thermometers

Gone are the days when you had to stick a thermometer in a boiling pot of soup. That is, if you even bothered to. Welcome to the new world of floating thermostats you can throw into a pot with cooking ingredients. These little discs change colour when whatever’s cooking reaches the ideal temperature. Boiling some potatoes? A floating thermometer can change from blue to red when the potatoes are done, so you don’t have to poke around with forks. Similarly, there are temperatures pre-programmed in floating discs for simmering, poaching and scalding. Some you can even put on a stick of butter, and they’ll change colour when the butter is at room temperature. Is that a fun way to use a thermostat or what?

Space-tech refrigerators

Why would you want to buy a regular refrigerator when you can buy one powered with NASA’s space technology? Sub-Zero, the freezer company, has announced a cool new refrigerator upgraded with NASA’s air purification system, which filters air every 20 minutes to rid it of bad smells, bacteria and harmful contaminants. This lets food remain fresh and unspoiled for much longer than usual. Plus, the fridge will no longer smell like a dumpster. You can make a chic addition of your own by placing an iPad mount on the fridge door, simply because you can.

Computerized light switches

When was the last time you got into bed without turning the lights off? How about that time you went out forgetting to turn the porch light off? These situations can be easily avoided with smartphone controlled light switches. Basically, these light switches are connected to a wireless system so you can turn them on or off anytime with your smartphone or tablet. Congratulations, one of the peskiest problems of modern living has now been solved.


Surprised? Shocked? Wait till you see the kitchen help robot with wireless technology and basic language skills that will be unveiled real soon.



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