3 Ways A Bouncing Castle Can Be The Highlight Of Your Next Prty! 

Alongside lemonade stands, and playing outside come rain or shine, there is one thing that every adult remembers the most fondly from their childhoods – jumping castles. Everyone remembers just the sheer excitement experienced at spotting a jumping castle at a school or house party, and everyone remembers having to be dragged outside by their parents, still unwilling to go even after hours of playing. It is only natural that all of us remember these bouncing castles very fondly, and maybe even secretly wish to join in on the fun again. The different shapes and sizes that the bouncy castles come in only add to the fun and excitement and can have the kids busy playing for hours. Even if the heat is pouring right down, we all know that when the children are occupied with playing with something as fun as a jumping castle, there is nothing that will affect them. If you haven’t played on a jumping castle yourself, and are confused as to how a bouncy castle can be the star of your next party, here are three reasons why a bouncing castle has so much charm. 

  1. Simply put, jumping castles are fun for children. Every one of us who has had the misfortune of going to a party with either little to no entertainment for the children, or with entertainment that just doesn’t amuse the children. Kids nowadays are not amused for so long by regular party games or by clowns and other entertainers, hard as they may try. After a while at such parties, the children are either causing trouble because of no good outlet to release their energy or are begging their parents to go home. Such situations can be embarrassing and bad for all those involved, and the best solution is to have a jumping castle for hire which can keep the children occupied for as long as the party may go on. Bouncy castles are loved by children and give them a great outlet for all their energy and children never seem to get bored of them! 
  2. Another reason why bouncing castles can be the perfect party addition is that they are great not only for children but also for the parents. While some party games like playing tag or hide and seek can be fun for the children, they can be an absolute hassle for the parents or caretakers. Such games revolve around having the kids run and hide, and thus the parents can always be worrying about their children wandering too far off or falling down and getting hurt. A jumping castle is not only a lot of fun for the children, but is also great as the parents always know where their child is and that he/she is safe. With new technologies and companies providing supervisors, your jumping castle for hire can be the safest place for all the kids to play in one spot! 
  3. For the NRL fan in western Sydney, who wants the game experience without heading to the game itself, Footy Jumping Castles provides the best solution. With their jumping castles coming in the shapes of various mascots such as the eel, tiger and panther, you can have the game day experience right in your backyard! To make things even better, you can even have the team mascots visit your party! The obstacle courses and castles by Footy Jumping Castles, alongside their other activities such as face painting, hot dog machines, slushies and party hosts, can really make your house party the party of the year, with fun and games for adults and kids both. It goes without saying that the equipment of the team is extremely safe, so you can rest assured that your jumping castle hire Parramatta experience will be the safest.  

So, to have your party be a hit with not only the kids but the adults too, Footy Jumping Castles are the ones to call. You can even ask for personalised castles according to the theme of your party, and when having their jumping castle hired you can know that when those kids grow up, they’ll always remember the best jumping castles from your very own house party.  

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