Essentials For A College Kid

College is a big step for any kid. It is the time where they become independent from their parents and learn to depend on themselves. It is the time that they spread their wings and explore the world. It is a time for making new friends, making their mark on the world and figuring out what they want to be for the rest of their life. It is also a rollercoaster of emotions and intense stress. At a time such as this, it is important that a college kid has all the basics that they require. Packing for college is almost always a war between parents and kids. The kids, being sure of themselves, do not see the need to pack everything, whereas the parents, being overprotective, try to pack every little thing regardless of whether they need it or not. Here is a list of essentials for a college kid that strikes a balance between the demands of a parent and a kid.

A laptop

Being in college means a lot of assignments, projects and research. There isn’t always a guarantee that your kid will get to use the library computers. These usually have long queues. Why not get your kid his own laptop, which he can take around with him wherever he goes? You need not buy the most cutting edge one out there. Why not look for a cheap MacBook, so that your kid will have a laptop from a good brand with which he can do all his college projects, social networking and whatnot. There are many websites from which you can make such purchases. Look online and browse a few websites before you make a purchase.

Credit card

Many parents have on giving their kids credit cards. This is an area that most parents do not even concentrate on. Little do parents know what it is like to be in college and not have money for an emergency. It is true that they can always ask money from you, but a credit card will make the process less of a hassle. The credit limit of the card need not be astronomical. A minimum credit limit would be ideal for those little emergencies. Before you hand over the credit card, however, make sure that you talk to your kid about the terms of use of the credit card.


Coupons are another valuable thing when it comes to living away from home. Many restaurant chains offer food coupons for which you pay beforehand. These can then be used for a certain period of time such as a year or six months. These are very useful when your kid doesn’t have money or simply does not feel like cooking. All he has to do is to go the restaurant and redeem his coupons.

Winter clothes

Winter clothes, no matter how much your kid says otherwise, are essential. Don’t let your kid talk you out of buying appropriate winter wear for him, even if his semester does not start right before Christmas. This is not to say that you go ahead and purchase them on your own. Take your kid along with you and choose winter wear that your kids actually like. Your kid will definitely thank you one day when he does not have to buy them on his own, at exorbitant prices right before winter.

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