The Best Materials For Stoneheads In Melbourne

It is tragic to think that people, for so many times, fail to do enough for their loved ones; they only realise it when those have departed from this world. That is when they finally bring those big flower bouquets and spend a fortune on the funeral. We always wish we did more for them. However, there is no way around the powerful regrets. Thus, every affected person decides to spend on the best funeral monument, funeral service etc. It is a form of consolation after all.

Those who are looking to keep one’s memory alive through an elegant and durable funeral monument can ask the many stone masons in Melbourne for advice. In this article we are going to talk about the best materials for stoneheads.


Granite for durable gravestones

Granite is a classic choice and it’s not only for its appeal. Its price is affordable and the durability remarkable, even when acid rain pours down repeatedly. In spite of that, professionals can carve it with ease, to sculpt the most beautiful forms and engravings. Granite thus allows for a variety of designs, including intricate ones. In addition, it comes in many colorful versions, besides the more sober ones like black and gray. You can have green, pink or blueish granite. If you have in mind a custom gravestone, know that granite is an excellent choice. Will it tempt others to steal it though? No one will dare, considering its heaviness.


The glorious marble

Perhaps no other construction stone has the beauty and elegance of marble. Its many types are a true statement and an enchantment to the eye. Besides being totally appealing, marble is also highly durable. It is only its surface that suffers with time, especially in an environment with acid rain. If you know your area has rough weather, then note that marble inscriptions may not last too well. Otherwise, it is a very good choice. Marble is definitely more suitable to sunny regions though.



This versatile material appears to be timeless. Because it’s a metal, it can be poured into various shapes. Usually you see bronze paired with granite, which is a great combination. However, the most frequent use of bronze is in lettering. A bronze monument lasts for a very long time and requires very little maintenance. If you’re not exactly attracted to the color, note this: there is also something called ‘white bronze’ which used to be popular at some time. However, technically it’s sand cast zinc but is colloquially known as white bronze. The durability isn’t similar, unfortunately.



Many headstones for graves are cast in cement, which is fairly easy to do and also affordable. It does not have the look of natural stone, but it lasts well in time and allows for countless designs and imprints. You may want to have a look into this and perhaps combine it with another material if you want so.


Other choices for headstones are not as resilient as the ones above. Sandstone and limestone are easy to carve, but the weather will damage these with the same ease. Do not get inspiration from historical trends either. Wood and cast iron, for example, were big in Victorian times, but time has proven them inefficient. The materials you can truly rely on are presented here.

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